Clone your Android app

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Install the same Android app, multiple times

Each clone has its own data. You can use a separate account for each clone.

Give your app a custom name

Keep your cloned apps apart by naming them however you'd like.

How to obtain APK files?

There are multiple ways to obtain APK files. One way is through third party websites such as ApkPure.

warning XAPK files are currently not supported.

Does this work for iOS apps?

No, only Android apps are currently supported.

Why doesn't the cloned app work?

App cloning is an experimental and complex process. As a result, cloned apps can malfunction due to various reasons. Sometimes using an older version of an app can help.

How to update a cloned app?

When your original app was cloned after April 6, 2024, you simply use the same name for cloning an updated version of the app. The new app should install as update of the previous app, keeping app user data. Otherwise, you can specify the same package name of the orignally cloned app under "advanced options".